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Are You Stuck Being the Designated IT Person?

Were you hired for a particular role but can’t focus because you are caught in the quicksand of IT support? Don’t worry. You’re not the first person we’ve helped escape. In small businesses it is quite common for the most technical person in the company to “somehow” become the IT person. Congratulations – your business has now reached that point in its growth cycle where you can move this responsibility to where it belongs, an IT expert. You’re probably wondering if your business can afford it. You can. We have a wide range of services that make good financial sense for businesses as small as ten employees… on up. So, no matter your size, we can make it work. We will bring our substantial toolkit along with the right project management experience and technical skills to handle any task. We’ll follow your processes, or, if you need a new way of doing things, we might have a good suggestion.

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