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Outsourcing your it department is a big decision for any company. Let us help your business by providing the right solutions at the right time.

Businesses come to MIS Solutions when they have a crisis, giving us the opportunity to solve a wide range of technology problems through our custom IT solutions. Before you get to crisis-level, here are the top five reasons that successful businesses of all types choose to outsource their IT departments:

1. Control and Reduce Costs

Outsourcing your IT department means knowing exactly how much you’re going to pay for these services each month. And as your business grows, you won’t have to worry about the huge expense associated with hiring. Instead, you’ll simply be able to upgrade your plan. In addition to keeping costs under control, outsourcing can actually reduce IT costs by taking advantage of economies of scale that simply aren’t available to an individual IT department.

2. Increase Security

Protect your business from malware, hackers, viruses and the most commonly avoidable security risk of all, which is human error by your own employees. Because the cybersecurity threat landscape constantly changes, you need protection from experts who are constantly monitoring… so you don’t have to.

3. Prepare for a Bright Future

We view the businesses we work with as partners. One of the ways we help our partners is by keeping an eye on new technologies and trends. By staying ahead of changes across the IT landscape, we help our partner businesses make the most of new technology instead of being caught off guard by it.

4. Upgrade to Unparalleled Reliability

Choosing to outsource means getting 24/7 maintenance and monitoring to keep your computers, servers, and systems up and running. Outsourcing means you’ll have IT services that help your business prevent downtime, maximize employee productivity, and solve problems before they happen.

5. Focus on Your Business

Running and growing a business comes with enough challenges on a daily basis. The last thing you need is the distraction of IT problems. Outsourcing takes the burden of IT off your shoulders. Knowing that IT is taken care of means every member of your team can focus on the things they do best!

Controlling and reducing costs, increasing security, being ready for the future, enjoying the unparalleled reliability and focusing on your business are all benefits that go along with outsourcing your IT department to a proven technology team. Join the long list of businesses that have benefited from outsourcing their IT departments to MIS Solutions. We take care of IT so you don’t have to.

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