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Managed IT Services

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We tailor all our solutions to order, within strict guidelines, which gives us a much higher success rate than our competitors.


Making the transition to outsource your IT services can be a big decision for a business. There are many factors to be considered and making the right choice it critical to the operation of the organization. At MIS Solutions we carefully evaluate your current IT processes and workload. Our on-boarding processes are there to make sure our solutions will not only maintain your current level of service but elevate it using proven IT processes and methods.

Managed Services

Does your business need IT support? Do you face any of these problems… service interruptions? inconsistent system performance? a lack of timely responses to issues? unproductive or frustrated staff?

Then you’ve come to the right place! MIS Solutions can help you manage your IT assets more efficiently and reliably. Whether you require full IT outsourcing or just need help with certain aspects, we can meet all of your support needs.

MIS Solutions is a single source for expert IT management, enabling you to stop wasting time tracking down IT problems and focus on running your business. We work to prevent IT problems from occurring in the first place, restoring peace of mind and reducing the impact that technology problems have on employee productivity and satisfaction. Our vCIO become your business advisor for IT, assisting you with strategic recommendations to make sure your IT capabilities grow with your business.

Because we have invested extensively in our service delivery infrastructure, we are able to deliver all of these capabilities at a lower cost than you could deliver with in-house IT staff.

How will MIS Solutions deliver outsourced IT support to your business?

MIS Solutions offers a solid foundation of industry best practices for IT management, technical account management, and strategic IT planning. We begin the relationship with a rigorous onboarding process. This process includes a thorough discovery of your technology management needs, proactive management setup, and an introduction for your staff on the new IT support model.

Once the service is live, MIS Solutions combines proactive administration with responsive support to deliver comprehensive IT management that is responsive to your needs. The virtual IT team that we assign to each client includes all of the required technical skills to provide personalized support and expertly manage all of your technology.

Our proactive IT management team has the necessary engineering skills and automated systems to manage your IT systems efficiently. The proactive team is accountable for reducing problems, and improving the reliability, performance, and recoverability of business-critical IT systems. We also deliver multi-layered defenses to protect your data from security threats, reducing the risk of loss or compromise of sensitive information. When IT problems do occur, our helpdesk resolves them quickly, enabling a return to normal operations as rapidly as possible.

The MIS Solutions Customer Service Manager assigned to each client is the single point of contact for the relationship, ensuring we are responsive to your needs. Our vCIOs assist with strategic IT planning, ensuring that IT spending is optimized and IT capabilities remain aligned with the requirements of your growing business.

IT Consulting

IT strategy is essential for success, but can be the source of frustration and headaches when businesses try to execute it internally. Often, an outside perspective is needed to help assess and plan for new technologies and upgrades. Our team of certified and experienced IT consultants can help your organization strategize, assess, and plan for new technologies and upgrades. Regardless of the need, the IT consulting team at MIS Solutions has you covered.

We offer a wide variety of IT consulting services:
  • IT strategy and planning
  • IT cost/budget review and analysis
  • Cloud strategy, planning,
    and implementation
  • Disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Line of business application evaluation
    and implementation
  • Technology assessment and evaluation
  • Network infrastructure planning
    and implementation
  • Systems upgrade and deployment
  • Telecom vendor/service evaluation
    and selection
  • Skills based staffing – dedicated,
    full-time, and part-time
  • Project management
  • and much more…
IT Consulting Highlights
  • Highly experienced IT professionals
  • Available on-demand
  • Providing an outside perspective
  • With less internal distraction
  • And higher success rates

Cloud Services

Cloud services have quickly evolved into a mainstream technology service. Technically, cloud services are not a new technology at all; in fact it’s been around for years, dating as far back as the mainframe computing age. Today cloud computing is faster, more reliable, more secure, and more affordable than ever before. MIS Solutions can help your business build, implement, and manage your cloud services network with our extensive experience building and managing private clouds and public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

MIS Solutions Cloud Services at a Glance
Hosted Desktop – Desktop as a Service
  • complete cloud based network infrastructure
  • secure and scalable
  • cloud based backups
  • redundant data centers
  • access your data and corporate desktop
    from any internet connection and
    any device
  • Cloud Based Servers – Dedicated or Shared
    • application servers
    • Microsoft domain controllers
    • database servers
    • file servers
    • redundant failover servers
    • testing environment servers
    Data Backup and Recovery
    • off-site cloud based backup services
    • redundant backup locations available
    • local recovery options available
    • fully secured backup environment
    Cloud Services Highlights
    • hassle free computing
    • Secure
    • Scalable
    • fixed monthly pricing
    • Move some or all of your technology to
      the cloud
    • experienced cloud computing
      specialists 24/7
     HaaS (Hardware as a Service) Highlights
    • One vendor, one monthly invoice
      for all of your IT needs
    • Lower IT cost by less IT issues and
      less managed services fees
    • IT Standardization will drive greater IT
      efficiencies, more productive employees
      and higher profits
    • True worry-free computing with true business
      grade IT equipment and around the clock IT
      support and management
    • Includes all of your business IT needs, PCs,
      Laptops, Cloud Applications, Cloud Servers,
      On-premise Servers, Switches, Routers,
      WiFi access points, and our full
      My IT Department product

    Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 allows access to Office applications- anytime, anywhere. Now you and your employees can connect to your office productivity tools from any device with the same familiar interface, and you can rest easy with built-in security and guaranteed uptime.

    MIS Solutions Delivering Office 365
    Office 365 Options
    • data stays safe with built-in security,
      compliance, and privacy controls
    • complete Microsoft Office applications
    • hosted Exchange in the Microsoft Cloud
    • hosted Instant Messenger (IM)
    • hosted video conferencing
    • up to 1TB file storage per user
    • 99.9% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft
    • no up-front cost and no upgrade cost to
      stay up-to date with the latest
      Office versions
    Office 365 Highlights
    • Access Office and your email from anywhere
    • Secure
    • Scalable
    • Fixed monthly pricing with no up-front costs
    • Expert assistance-MIS Solutions
      professionals have successfully migrated
      thousands of users to Office 365
    • Access Office 365 applications from any
      device with the same look and feel
      as your PC

    VoIP PBX

    VoIP – PBX Phone System

    Is your business in the market for a new phone system? Are you exploring cloud communication? Not sure if a hosted Cloud based PBX is right for your business? Does your business still require an on-premise PBX? And we’re sure you have many more questions. MIS Solutions can help you answer these questions and all of your other questions. We will help you find the right solution that meets all of your needs and communicate more efficiently and faster. We help businesses of all sizes with their phone needs and all types, so whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise business, or have basic phone needs or a run a large call center, we can help your business select, implement and manage your communication needs.

    VoIP and PBX Features
    • Unified Communications
    • SIP Trunking
    • Cloud PBX
    • Office 365 Integration
    • Caller ID
    • Team Collaboration
    • Scale easily and affordable
    • Auto Attendant
    • Receptionist
    • Call Center
    • Call Queuing
    • Plug-Ins (IVR)
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Instant Messaging
    • And more…
    Carrier Services – Telecom and Internet Broadband

    Carrier services goes hand and hand with VoIP and PBX systems. Is your business using the right carrier for your needs? Are you paying too much? Is your current carrier services meeting your current and future needs? At MIS Solutions we work with many different carriers and we can answer these questions and all of your other questions related to carrier services. We will help you evaluate your current and future needs and help you either move to a carrier that will meet your needs or stay with your existing carrier and maximize your return with that carrier.

    Data & Network Solutions
    • Ethernet
    • MPLS
    • Data T1
    • Local & Long Distance
    • PBX Trunks
    • Toll-Free
    • High Speed Internet
    • Point-to-Point Private Lines
    • Cable Internet
    • Fiber
    • Managed Router
    • Managed Firewall
    • Managed WiFi
    • IPSec & SSL VPN
    • And more…
    VoIP – PBX Phone System and Carrier Services Highlights
    • Cloud based and on-premise
      models available
    • Experienced partner who can help your
      business with both voice and data
    • Lower and improve performance by
      choosing the right Carrier provider
    • Experienced working with the
      communication needs of businesses of all
      sizes, small to large enterprise business
    • Affordable communications

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