IT Solutions for Education - MIS Solutions


As technology becomes more and more prominent in schools, it gets increasingly difficult to manage internally. Your focus and passion is building future leaders of the world, not dealing with technology issues. With our experience in schools, we are able to equip the staff and students with cutting-edge technology, tools and training, while also monitoring the network 24/7, assisting with IT projects and dealing with mobile device management. It is our goal to make an impact on schools by providing better assistance with technology and increasing efficiency in the classroom.

E-Rate and Auxiliary Funds

Not only do we deal with IT management, we can also utilize funding that is given to schools for technology purposes. Some examples would be, using funds to build your one-to-one digital learning initiatives, paying for network equipment such as WiFi access points or switches, and maintenance of your servers and internal connections.

You educate and enrich the lives of future generations, yet you are struggling daily to cut costs. By helping schools’ budget and build technology roadmaps for the future, we take the stress and cost-guessing away.

Lean on us for your specific technology plan!