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Secure Web Sites Designed to Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences.

Comprehensive design and development services maximize your online presence and boost your reputation as a company. Whether you’re considering building your first website, optimizing your existing website, or looking for advanced development services, we can help!

A high-functioning website creates more opportunities, attracts more visitors, and increases sales.

For 15+ years we’ve been dedicated to helping our clients with digital solutions in Cincinnati and beyond. We will collaborate with you to find the perfect fit of scope, budget, and strategy for your business needs.

Web Sites

Your website speaks volumes about your business. Let us be the company to help you find your voice on the Internet. Many factors make a good technical web site, but the most important is to have a web site that is dynamic and professional, capturing the attention of your prospective clients.

The web is a visual medium, perfect for advertising products and services alike. There is no limit to the photographs and graphics you can use, but quality is important. A clean, quick loading, easy to follow and informative web site will win every time.

At MIS Solutions, we tailor web construction to your particular business needs. We pay close attention to detail, and we take great pride in our work. As a team, we are constantly moving forward to enable us to build our clients a site that conforms to the W3C standards and is viewable on all browsers, including mobile access. Combine our website design services with our web and email hosting services for a winning solution.

We never consider a site complete until we are satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until you are!


A website is an important tool for your business to communicate your message to the world. A website enables you to reach more clients with less effort than with current sales strategies, and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In today’s world, your company’s web presence is as important as a listing in the phone book was in the past. The Internet is often the first place potential customers turn to find information. Unlike a phone book, however, an Internet presence allows you to reach customers anywhere in the world, providing greater information, immediacy, and impact. That is, assuming they can reach you!

When your competitors are just a click away, the accessibility of your site, and the speed at which it loads, are crucial to your business’s online success.

MIS Solutions understands the importance of your company’s Web presence. For that reason, MIS Solutions uses the latest server hardware, software and applications to ensure that your site is fast, reliable and secure. Couple web hosting with our email hosting and web design services and you have a winning solution.

MIS Solutions’ web hosting customers have access to standard and advanced Web hosting solutions like ASP, PHP, CGI scripting, database support, and much more. MIS Solutions hosts sites on the Windows NT platforms. After you have taken the time to build a great site, don’t leave its hosting to chance!

E Commerce

We can help you exceed users’ expectations and outperform the competition by driving sales, building loyalty, and engaging with your target audience.

Mobile Apps

We build custom mobile apps according to your unique needs. Whether your business is a startup or a well-established company, we can help you extend your web-based applications to a mobile platform.

Web Applications

Unlike pre-packaged, “off-the-shelf” applications, when you utilize our custom web app development services, you’re receiving an application designed specifically to meet your business needs. Building a custom web application just for you ensures seamless integration and full functionality before launch.

Support Maintenance

Our support team is continuously educated and trained to address the ever-changing needs of our clients. If you let your website go down, you put your business at risk. MIS Solutions offers robust support maintenance through full-cycle customer support services.